Bands Hired for venues around Brixham & Plymouth, Devon

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There are two parts to Brixham—the old village climbing a hill and the fishing harbour half a mile below. A stone on the quayside commemorates a key event in British history, the landing of William of Orange on November 5, 1688, which was the turning-point in the 'Glorious Revolution'. The pier was built in 1799-1804, and there are some early 19th-century houses round the harbour. Most of the town centre is early Victorian, recalling the time when the Brixham fishing fleet was the most prosperous in south Devon. There are several local caves which were inhabited from the Stone Age to Roman times, notably Windmill Hill cave, discovered in 1858 (open to the public). Henry Francis Lyte (1793- 1847), poet and author, who wrote the hymn 'Abide With M e', was the first vicar of All Saints, the parish church of Lower Brixham.

Berry Head Hotel, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 9AJ, Devon


Live music booked for Wedding The PA Function Band ref: 5509.1

The Berry Head Hotel, Berry Head Road, Brixham, Devon , TQ5 9AJ, Devon


Daughter's Wedding The PSI String Quartet ref: 2641

Dart Valley House Worden house , Venne lane, Dartmouth , TQ6 0LD, Devon


50th Birthday The ST Jazz Trio ref: 3843.2

Dartmouth is a town of much historical and architectural interest about i mile from the mouth of the River Dart, superbly situated on a steep hill on the west bank of the river. It has been an important harbour since the Roman era. Many-historic naval expeditions, including the fleet sent by Edward III to assist in the siege of Calais in 1347, sailed from here.

Dartmouth is a fishing port as well as a popular holiday resort. Boat trips along the beautiful estuary of the Dart are among the local attractions.

A waterside path leading to the open sea passes St Petrox's Church, rebuilt in the Gothic style in 1641-2. Alongside the church are the remains of a 15th-century cliff castle, which faces Kingswear Castle—also ijth-century— across the estuary. (Kingswear Castle is not open to the public.) The two castles were built in such a way that a thick chain could be stretched across the river to hold off enemy ships in time of war.

Other notable buildings in Dartmouth include the Butterwalk, a row of 17th-century houses on granite pillars with carved overhanging storeys, damaged by a bomb in 1943 and restored in 1954; the Castle Hotel, mostly igth century, which incorporates a 17th-century coaching inn; Agincourt House, which dates from 1671; and the Customs House, built in 1739. Overlooking them all, from the crest of the highest hill above the town, stands the Royal Naval College, which has trained naval cadets since 1905. A car ferry plies across the river to Kingswear, the railway terminus.

Thurlestone Hotel Thurlestone, Nr Kingsbridge, Devon , TQ7 3NN, Devon


120th Anniversary Celebration The ST Jazz Trio ref: 3843.2

Barn next to Wheel BarnSorley Kingsbridge, TQ7 4BP, Devon


70th birthday party  The SG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4718

Court Barton Farm Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge, TQ7 4LE, Devon


90th Birthday lunch party  The AV Duo ref: 3963.1

Kingsbridge is a little market town, sometimes known as the capital of the South Hams, at the head of the Kingsbridge Estuary. Among the town's interesting buildings are St Edmund's Church, with its 13th-century tower; the Shambles, a 16th-century market arcade largely rebuilt in 1796; and the old grammar school. William Cook-worthy (1705-80), who discovered china clay in Cornwall and made the first true porcelain in England, was born here.


Salcombe Yacht ClubCliff Rd Salcombe , TQ8 8JQ, Devon


Burns Night Dance and Supper The DT Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4866


Salcombe is most southerly resort in Devon, with some of the finest scenery along the coast—especially 2 miles south-west, around Bolt Head (National Trust). The climate here is exceptionally mild, and orange and lemon trees grow beside the estuary; in summer the palm trees, bright sunshine and glistening white houses seem almost Mediterranean. Salcombe is a noted yachting centre, and offers good fishing and two sandy beaches. The tower of a ruined Tudor castle stands near North Sands beach.

Halwell, Totnes, , TQ9 7LD, Devon


Private Party The BR Abba Tribute Band ref: 5896

Totnes is a charming old town set on a steep hill above the River Dart, with many interesting old buildings in Fore Street and High Street. It has been a borough since early times, and medieval Totnes grew rich on the cloth trade. '

At the north end of the town stands a castle, of which the 13th-century circular keep and some walls remain. The original castle dated from the nth century. In the High Street are Elizabethan and 17th-century houses, some of them slate-hung in typical Devon style. Just off the High Street is the parish church of St Mary, a 15th-century building with a stone rood screen which is one of the finest in England. Near the church is the guildhall, dating in part from the 16th century and built on the site of medieval Totnes Priory; it is now a museum. The Butterwalk, in the High Street, is a row of houses with overhanging storeys. The King Edward VI Grammar School, founded in 1554, occupies an 18th-century building in Fore Street. Dividing Fore Street from High Street is the restored 15th-century East Gate, formerly the eastern boundary of the town.

Plymouth at Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, PL1 2NY, Devon


Live music booked for Wedding/farewell party The GV Jazz Duo ref: 6516

Ball Room, the New Continental Hotel, Millbay Road, Plymouth, Devon, , PL1 3LD, Devon


Live music booked for Wedding The RP Ceilidh Band ref: 4460

Commando Forces Officers' Mess Stonehouse Barracks, Plymouth, Devon , PL1 3QS, Devon


Ladies Guest Night The SG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4718

RMB StonehouseDurnford Street Plymouth , PL1 3QS, Devon


Fomal dinner with dance after The SG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4718

Maker with Rame Community hall, , PL10 1NA, Devon

  this is an absolutely charming stone built hall, which also hosts the Miracle Theatre. A lively sort of place.

Golden Wedding The NC Ceilidh Barn Dance Band ref: 6154

Maker with Rame Community hall, Fore Street, Kingsand, , PL10 1NA, Devon


Golden Wedding The NC Ceilidh Barn Dance Band ref: 6154

Torpoint Football ClubMill Lane, Torpoint , PL11 2RE, Devon


60th Birthday The BS English Barn Dance Band ref: 6101

Saltash, PL12 6DX, Devon


60th birthsya & fund raiser The JO Jazz Duo ref: 6379

Barcelona Cottage Barcelona Looe, PL13 2JU, Devon


Joint 60th Birthday party - Alison and Mike The ST Party/ Function Band ref: 6350

East Looe and West Looe are joined by a Victorian bridge, built when the 15th-century bridge of 13 arches was demolished. West Looe clusters round the quayside Church of St Nicholas and has a 17th-century inn, The Jolly Sailor. East Looe has a 16th-century guildhall, now a museum.



CHICKS Moorland Retreat, Bonnaford, Brentor, Tavistock, Devon. , PL19 0LX, Devon


Private party The SG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4718

Milton abbot village hall, devon , Pl19 0PB, Devon


Jazz piano- Philip ref: 3134.1

Tavistock, PL19 9EA, Devon


60th Birthday The ST Jazz Trio ref: 3843.2

Ever After - A Dartmoor Wedding Lower Grenofen, Grenofen, Tavistock, PL19 9ES, Devon


Live music booked for Wedding Reception - Jack and Tizzy The MB Jazz Band ref: 6420

Lower Grenofen Grenofen Tavistock Devon , PL19 9ES, Devon


REFUNDED50th birthday party The TM Jazz Band ref: 6529

Tavistock is an important market town, traditionally regarded as the western capital of the moor. Tavistock grew up around its great Benedictine abbey, founded in the toth century, traces of which survive near the parish church. From the i6th century the town belonged to the Dukes of Bedford. The town today has a largely Victorian character, reflecting the last great phase of its long-lived copper-mining industry. East Bridge and Vigo Bridge both date from 1773, and are handsome structures. Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540-96) was born at Crowndale Farm, a mile south of Tavistock.


Moorland Links Hotel, Yelverton, Nr Plymouth, Devon,, PL20 6DA, Devon


Live music booked for Wedding The SG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4718

Plymouth is the largest city in the West Country. It was formed from the union of the old towns of Plymouth, Stone-house and Devonport. It has one of the grandest sites of any city in Britain, lying mainly between the mouths of the

Tamar and the Plym, which flow into the broad estuary of Plymouth Sound. Out to sea, past the fine headlands that enclose The Sound, or inland to Dartmoor and the Cornish hills, the views are superb.

The centre of the city was almost obliterated during the Second World War, and the crowded area around Sutton Pool represents virtually all that is left of old Plymouth, a noted seaport since the i3th century. During the Hundred Years' War, many ships sailed from here against the French, and later it was the port from which the Elizabethan sailors Hawkins, Raleigh and Frobisher embarked on their great voyages. Above all, it is the city of Sir Francis Drake, who played his famous game of bowls on the Hoe before setting out to destroy the Spanish Armada in 1588. The tale that he finished his game before turning his attention to the Spaniards is almost certainly true; but Drake's nonchalance must have been at least partly due to a shrewd assessment of the state of the wind and the tide, which would anyway have prevented him from sailing straightaway.

The Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Plymouth to America in the Mayflower in 1620; and in 1772 James Cook departed from Plymouth on his great three-year circumnavigation of the world. From Plymouth, too, Sir Francis Chichester sailed on his single-handed voyage round the world in 1966-7.

Soussons Stone Circle on Dartmoor near Postbridge, PL20 6SY, Devon


Handfasting ceremony The GO Barn Dance/Ceilidh Band ref: 4430.2

This hamlet of Postbridge consisting of a few cottages and scattered farms, is famous for its stone clapper bridge, probably medieval, with three spans each of 15 ft. Broadun Ring, north-west of Postbridge, is a prehistoric walled pound, 4 ft high in places, which encloses a group of hut circles. It stands on a slope from which there is a splendid view of the East Dart Valley. Just to the south of Broadun Ring is Broadun Pound, the largest known prehistoric enclosure on Dartmoor: 12 acres, walled, containing hut circles 9-15 ft across. More than 150 of these pounds have been discovered on Dartmoor; they were probably enclosures used to pen sheep and cattle,

Swanbridge Mill Barn,Modbury,, PL21 0SP, Devon


30th Birthday The BS American Wild West & Country Dance Band ref: 4878

Whitecross Village Hall Whitecross, nr Fowey , PL23 1NF, Devon


40th Wedding Anniversary - Kevan and Helen The NC Ceilidh Barn Dance Band ref: 6154

Fowey is a network of narrow streets climbing the hills. New houses encroach, but the old waterside town still holds its own. The fierce Fowey seamen, nicknamed 'Fowey Gallants', who raided the coast of France throughout the Hundred Years' War, continued their raids even after Edward IV had made peace with the French king. Fowey's waterfront is crowded with seamen of all nations, whose ships move to an inner creek to collect cargoes of china clay. Near the 14th-century Church of St Fimbarrus stands Place House (1457), which has additions from the i8th and igth centuries. It is privately owned. In a waterside house called The Haven lived Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (1863-1944), author of some of the best tales written about Cornwall. For a time he was mayor of Fowey, which appears as 'Troy Town' in his novels.

Boscundle ManorAshby-de-la-Zouch Leicestershire


Golden Wedding party The NC Ceilidh Barn Dance Band ref: 6154

Valency House, Valency Row, Boscastle , PL35 0HD, Devon


Live music booked for Wedding The PC Flute & String Quartet ref: 2390.2

Plymouth, Devon, PL4 0BH, Devon


40th Birthday The MB Jazz Band ref: 6420

The National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth Rope Walk, Coxside, Plymouth , PL4 0LF, Devon


Live music booked for Wedding - Gemma and Richard The SN Ceilidh/Barndance Band ref: 4850

Plymouth University  , PL4 8AA, Devon


Student event The JM Jazz Band ref: 6423

Land Registry, Seaton Court, 2 William Prance Road, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon. , PL6 5WS, Devon


Celebration of Land Registry's 150th Birthday The SG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4718

Derriford United Reformed Church Hall, Powisland Drive, Derriford, Plymouth, , PL6 6AJ, Devon

  this is a modern all drawings the modern church. As well as using all four events like birthdays and weddings, there is a cafe there, so it gets well used

50th birthdays The WJ Ceilidh Band / Barn Dance Band ref: 4455

Hirer's House -Skylark Rise Woolwell Plymouth , PL6 7SN, Devon


50th birthday party  The JO Jazz Duo ref: 6379

Derriford Health and Leisure Centre Derriford Hospital, Plymouth , PL6 8DH, Devon


Roborough Surgery Christmas Party  The NC Ceilidh Barn Dance Band ref: 6154

Derriford Health and Leisure Centre, Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Plymouth, , PL6 8DH, Devon


Critical Care Barn Dance The SG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4718

Boringdon Hall Colebrook, Plympton, PL7 4DP, Devon

  this is an imposing Elizabethan manor house in large landscaped park. Obviously, a venue like this does lots of weddings, but they put on all sorts of events throughout the year including events to celebrate Sir Francis Drake.

Masquerade New Years Ball The MJ Jazz Trio ref: 6390

Boringdon Hall Hotel, Boringdon Hill, Plymouth, Devon, , PL7 4DP, Devon


Live band hired for Wedding The SG Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4718

Boringdon Hall Hotel, Colebrook, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon.  , PL7 4DP, Devon


Live band hired for Wedding The DT Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4866

Newton Ferrers Village HallParsonage Road, Newton Ferrers, , PL8 1AS, Devon


60th Birthday Burns night Ceilidh - Robert The DT Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4866

Mothecombe House, , PL8 1LB, Devon


Live band hired for Wedding The DT Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4866

Mothecombe House, Holbeton, Plymouth, Devon. , PL8 1LB, Devon

  this venue has all the pleasure gardens set around the Queen and period house. Of course, the gardens make it an ideal location for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, and a great place for the wedding photographers photo opportunities. Indeed, it is so photogenic that the location has become a popular film set for television dramas and films. Presumably many films have been made are period in nature, and the ceilidh or barn dance this was held for this wedding could have been a great film opportunity, much better using a live Ceilidh band in the film, rather than the typical Hollywood film attempts to get some union registered actors to pretend to play an instrument. It never looks real, it always looks hammy, and I really don't know why they do it. The better films getting real musicians to play, and if the famous actor asked Chris has to actually play a musical instrument, they learn sufficient to be able to do it convincingly.

Live band hired for Wedding The DT Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4866

Elmsleigh Lodge Lane, Brixton , PL8 2AU, Devon


'Not Before Time' Party  The MB Jazz Band ref: 6420

South Hams, South Devon, PL8 2HF, Devon


birthday The MJ Jazz Trio ref: 6390

Kitley House Hotel, Kitley Estate, Yealmpton, Plymouth, , PL8 2NW, Devon


Live band hired for Wedding The DT Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4866

Kitley House Hotel, Kitley estate, Yealpton, nr Plymouth, Devon, , PL8 2NW, Devon


Live band hired for Wedding The PSI String Quartet ref: 2641

Langdon Court Hotel, Adams Lane, Down Thomas, Plymouth, Devon. , PL9 0DY, Devon


Live band hired for Wedding The DT Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4866

7 Southland Park Crescent Wembury Plymouth, PL9 0HB, Devon


60th birthday party Guitar/vocalist - Peter ref: 5617