Folk, Ceilidhs & Barn Dances for your Special Occasion

A Ceilidh or Barn Dance is just great for getting people together, whether they have never met each other before, or are a group of closely knit friends. We play for anniversaries, birthday parties, sports and social clubs and name it, we do it.

It's something that any age from 8 to 80 can enjoy can enjoy, from the fit to the flabby, either dancing or just looking and listening. It gets everyone to interact and the volume is such that people can still talk to each other and catch up with whatever they want to catch up with. (Unlike when there's a disco on the go!)

Normally we would start the evening by playing a few tunes, to get people 'in the mood'. Then we get EVERYONE up for a first,  really easy dance, so that even those who are nervous of dancing find they can actually do it and that it is great fun. We would have a caller, who teaches the dances, so even people who have never been to a Ceilidh before can do it.

After a couple of dances we would play a tune if people needed a rest, followed by another couple of dances, and so on. Often there would be a break half way through for a buffet, so people could recover their energy, then on for a second half. If there are some experienced dancers, we would put in some harder dances for them, but all in all make sure that everyone is involved and having a good time.

All Ceilidhs or Barn Dances are similar in that there is a caller to organise the dancing, but the style of music and dance can be different depending on whether the band is playing Scottish, Irish, English, European or American music or a little of everything.

Also, remember that the venue is very important for the success of a ceilidh or barn dance as it has to have sufficient room for the dancers and a suitably even floor so as not to trip people.

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