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The WT Ceilidh/ Barn Dance Band in Truro, Cornwall
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£570 - £690
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The WT Band are a lively and friendly group who like to have fun while at the same time making sure the audience has fun too. Truro is within this Ceilidh Band’s local area for dances. They have a range of dances and the caller makes joining in simple and enjoyable for all. If you like something a bit different, they include a range of Morris Dances with sticks that the audience can join in with: that's going to make for a memorable evening.

The SN Barn Dance/Ceilidh Band in Truro, Cornwall
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£770 - £940
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This ceilidh / barn dance band delves into some of the best Scottish, Irish and Cornish tunes to get your wedding, festival, corporate function or party on to the dance floor. With an exciting interceltic set of driving reels and high energy jigs they are guaranteed to get you up and dancing all night. This Ceilidh Band plays for weddings and other events in and around Truro.

The band is available in two line ups: The 3 piece featuring - fiddle, accordion, guitar, and the bigger rockier sounding 5 piece featuring - fiddle, accordion, guitar, drums and bass. Both li ... more

The RC Ceilidh /Barn Dance Band in Truro, Cornwall
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£560 - £680
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A busy barn dance & ceilidh band available for all types of events. A blend of both acoustic & electric instruments are used, giving our dances a considerable 'umph factor.

With over ten years of experience together, the band employ a wide repertoire of traditional dance tunes from across the British Isles and Europe, with frequent new additions and arrangements. The Ceilidh Band regularly play for functions in Truro. Several members of the band work in spheres of music education and we can also boast of a recording studio owner in our midst!
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The NC Ceilidh Barn Dance Band in Truro, Cornwall
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£680 - £830
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The NC Ceilidh Band is a three piece band from Cornwall. They play a variety of instruments but find that the guitar, tenor banjo and flute give them the bass rhythm, middle range and melody lead that drives the music for Barn Dances. An ideal Ceilidh Band for a wedding or party in Truro. This band are great for accomplished dancers or absolute beginners alike.

To give people a chance to catch their breath the NC Ceilidh Band normally mix in a few instrumental sets amongst the dances. They are a family outfit and have been doing this kind of thi ... more

The SN Ceilidh/Barndance Band in Truro, Cornwall
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£740 - £910
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The SN Ceilidh Band play traditional UK, Irish, Scottish Yiddish, European, Medieval and US dance music. They have 24 years of experience playing for ceilidhs, weddings, medieval banquets, parties, festivals, PTAs, Twinning Associations etc. Truro is within this Ceilidh Band’s local area for dances. Band line-up consists of two violins, guitar, bass and caller.

Whatever your event, this band will play traditional music to get your feet tapping!

The CJ Ceilidh Duo in Truro, Cornwall
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£390 - £470
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The CJ Ceilidh Duo are a small ensemble of just one musician and caller! Chris, the multi-talented musician in question, uses a loop pedal and a variety of instruments to build up the full band sound, while Jeremy calls the dances. Small but perfectly formed, the CJ Duo can play in smaller spaces than a full band would allow, but don't compromise on the sound or the vibe.

The HT Ceilidh Band in Truro, Cornwall
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£740 - £900
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The HT Ceilidh Band are a professional ensemble who play for ceilidhs and barn dances all over the UK. The Ceilidh Band regularly play for functions in Truro. They are composed of professional musicians who have a passion for delivering a polished performance which is guaranteed to help your party, wedding or function go with a swing! They bring an experienced, competent (and patient!!) caller who can ensure everyone has a great time. The HT band have an extensive repertoire of English, Irish and Scottish tunes to keep you dancing all evening.

More about Ceilidh Bands

The Ceilidh Band pages, above, list bands that are available in Truro. People are occasionally unsure of the difference between a Ceilidh dance, a Barn dance & and a Hoedown. In case you're uncertain, to find out what style of dance band would be ideal for your wedding day or event in Truro, click the link below:

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About Truro

The City of Truro is the administrative centre of Cornwall with a cathedral that dominates the town. Occupying a position at the head of the Fal river, its a pretty and prosperous place and apart from anything, a busy market town with a good cross-section of shops and stores.

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