Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why isn't price & availability shown on the web site?

Price depends not only on the music group, but on how long they are with you, where your venue is (i.e. how far they have to travel), whether it is a straightforward performance or whether there are logistical complications, etc. Also, availability is constantly changing. Because of this we ask you to complete a brief enquiry form. If you have a budget limit, tell us what it is so we only quote appropriate bands.

From the information you give us we can propose to you a selection of music groups who best meet your requirements, who are currently available, and because of their geographic location or other considerations, offer the best price. If you have asked for specific bands, we will include those in our quote if they are available on your date.

You will see 'Send Enquiry' buttons on all pages that show music groups. Expect a reply the same or next day.

How far ahead do we need to book?

For weddings, we typically take bookings 6 to 12 months ahead. We also arrange  music groups at a week or two's notice. It really depends on:

  •  the day and date you want the music (Certain Saturdays in the summer get fully booked many months in advance, other dates and mid week may have availability until closer to the day)

  • how important it is to you to have music on a specific day. (A Ceilidh for a fund raising event can possibly be moved if necessary, a wedding day or corporate sales launch can't be moved, and may be ruined if no music groups are available.)

  • how important it is to you to have a particular group. (Most music groups will have some dates unfilled until the last moment, but have other dates booked 2 years ahead. If you want a particular group, it is best to get in early, to avoid disappointment.)

Where can I find more Help Files?

Comprehensive Help pages that relate to the kind of music group you are interested in, are linked to the quotation we email to you. If you send us an enquiry, we will email you a detailed quotation, normally the same or the next day.  So don't delay, send us an enquiry now! You will see 'Send Enquiry' buttons on all pages that show music groups