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BWB Medieval Duo in Nottinghamshire
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£420 - £530
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If you're looking for something a little different for your wedding reception, then the BWB Duo can provide music, colour, dancing and humour to ensure that your special day goes with a swing. They can play appropriate background music during the ceremony, whilst your reception will be enhanced by the musicians who will stroll around the room singing songs and playing tunes whilst your guests enjoy their meals. A favourite for parties in Nottinghamshire..

BWB can also be booked, along with a caller and either a Piper, Fiddler or Accor ... more

The AC Duo in Nottinghamshire
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£320 - £610
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This young talented duo consists of acoustic/electric violin and piano. They have performed at venues throughout the country including the Albert Hall and Symphony Hall and have supported famous entertainers such as Barry Manilow and Chris de Burgh.

The duo provide a unique and distinctive musical touch to any special occasion. A regular performer in Nottinghamshire..

Singer Tom in Nottinghamshire
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£140 - £780
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Tom is a solo performer and he sings Irish country as well as Irish folk. He covers all sorts of artists from Daniel O’Donnell to Big Tom to Steve Earl to the Dubliners and he also writes his own material. In fact Tom has written and recorded a song called Aughnacloy. His main influences are Christy Moore, Mick Flavin and Johnny Cash. An attractive option for dinners and events inNottinghamshire..

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The Folk Solos And Duo pages list bands that are available in Nottinghamshire. These are session bands, ie music to listen to, NOT ceilidh band to dance to. Find out how these bands could perform for your wedding or other celebration in Nottinghamshire, by clicking the link:

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Towns, cities and regions, such as Nottinghamshire have an influence on the style of music, whether it is the 'English Countryside' feel of Vaughan Williams, the strength of Elgar's Victorian Malvern, or the skirl of Northumbrian Pipe tune..

About Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire may conjure up romantic images of walking through Sherwood Forest in the footsteps of Robin Hood; of honourable thieves in leafy glades relieving rich nobles of their purses for more equitable distribution. A dream, maybe, with the great oaks and beeches of the Sherwood Forest of old now mostly gone. The Forestry Commission have planted stands of fir and pine, but good access and some remnants of mature deciduous woodland ensure this is one of the best walking areas in Nottinghamshire. Farnsfield and Edwinstowe are good areas from which to explore the Forest. The Dukeries, in the north of Sherwood Forest, is an area which is particularly attractive and full of interest. So named because most of the land hereabouts was owned by the Dukes of Norfolk, Portland, Newcastle and Kingston, these vast estates have now largely gone, but there are important remnants. Clumber Park (NT), formerly the home of the Dukes of Newcastle, has a wide expanse of parkland, peaceful woods, open heath and rolling farmland with a serpentine lake at its heart.

What more traditional can one get than "The Robin Hood Folk Club", and at the most modern, The Royal Centre Nottingham puts on pop concerts. For hands on classical music lovers, there is the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra and Nottingham Philharmonic orchestra. And for the jazz aficionado, there is the Nottingham Rhythm Club......... Jazz For Listening And Dancing since 1941!!

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