List of Help Pages:


1) Quotations

  1. How do I book?

  2. Is the band available / still available?

  3. Can I have a reduction in price for (various reasons)?

  4. Special dates e.g. New Year, Burns, St Patricks etc

  5. Performance time explained - an explanation

  6. I can't hear / listen to music samples?

  7. What's included & extras?

  8. Are there more audio clips, testimonials, videos?

2) Bands & the Event

  1. Can we hear the band live before booking?

  2. Can I talk to the band before booking?

  3. Can you recommend a band?

  4. Can I use the band's PA?

  5. Can the band set up earlier in the day?

  6. Can the band move location during their performance?

  7. Can I request particular songs / pieces of music?

  8. Venue: Indoor & Outdoor - preparing for band, setting up, suitability 

  9. Can I mix a Ceilidh / Barn Dance & a Disco

  10. Space needed for a Ceilidh / Barn Dance

  11. Public Liability Insurance and PAT Certification

  12. Illness and the like

  13. Playing without amplification (acoustically)

  14. What is the difference between a Barn Dance and a Ceilidh?

  15. Line dancing

  16. Can I have contact details and name of the band?

  17. Weddings at Eastnor Castle

3) Booking

  1. How do I book?

  2. Book by phone or email

  3. Booking made without a deposit

  4. I can't pay deposit by credit or debit card

  5. What are the payment terms & conditions?

  6. Can I make a provisional booking?

  7. Why is a quoted band no longer available & what happens to my deposit?

  8. Is the booking confirmed yet?

  9. Can you provide special documentation for our accounts department?

4) Performance details

  1. What are the arrival and performance times?

  2. How do I contact the band after booking?

  3. How do I agree repertoire or make changes to my booking?

  4. Brief checklist

  5. I can't read the PDF documents you have emailed me

  6. Performance start time

5) Payment

  1. Can we pay on the day or be invoiced?

  2. How much, when & how do I have to pay you for the final payment?

  3. What happens if my final payment is late?