Jazz for Weddings

Normally the jazz band is something for the evening celebration, after the wedding breakfast, but not always. Our jazz musicians have played before & after (and even during) the wedding ceremony, during the drinks reception and the meal. So, it is up to what you like and the kind of atmosphere you are wanting to create.

Jazz means something different to different people and covers a huge range of music and styles that have developed and split since the late 1800s to the present day. When someone asks us for a 'Jazz Band' we first have to discover what they have in their mind as 'Jazz'. That is why we let you listen to the bands as possible on our web site, so that you can select the bands that play the style you like. (Go to 'Search' then select 'Jazz' from the first drop down box.) But remember that the acoustics of the venue and number of guests and where you position the ensemble will all have an effect on the final sound.

Because many of our bands cover a wide range of jazz and we are possibly limited in what we can let you hear by the recordings they happen to have made, it might be useful for you to read about the styles of jazz that our bands cover in our section on Jazz  Repertoire. Then brows through our jazz bands, duos & soloists  to find some groups that play your kind of music so that you can email us to get price and availability.