The BFB Ceilidh / Barn Dance Band ref: 4331.1

Song selection

St. Brendan, Lark in the Morning, 
Mountain Dew, Murshien Durkin,
Mc Alpines Fusiliers , JCB song, 
Black Velvet Band, Seven Drunken Nights, 
Paddy on the Railway, Whisky in the Jar, 
Rarest Flowers, Streets of Dublin, 
Rocky Rd to Dublin, Nobbys Steamboat, 
Sally McLennane, I Useta Luv Her, 
Four Roads, Whisky you’re the Devil,
South Australia, Irish Rover, 
Rose of Allendale, Fields of Athanry,
Galway Shawl, Galway Girls, 
Donegal Danny, Wild Rover , 
Craic was Mighty in Isle of Man, 
Shamrock Shore, The Maro,
Liverpool Lou, Fairytale of New York, 
Dark Streets of London, Red Rose Café, 
Hills of Donegal, Back to Tuam,
FCA, Lukeys Boat, Thousands are Sailing,
Streams of Whiskey, Grace

Tune selection
Ms Sullivan’s, Calliope Ho, 
Going to the well for water, 
Scottish, Kerry Slide, Scattery Island
Fairy Reel, Silver Spire, Tamlyn. 
Silver Spear, Merry Blacksmith,
Sportskerry, Parnell’s march, 
Yellow Wattle. Eddy Kelly, Peter St,
Golden Keyboard, Rose in Heather, 
Aaron’s Key, O Dea's. Macs Fancy, 
Mist Covered Mountain, Geese in Bog,
Cottage in the Grove, Sean Ryan’s,
Walter Sammonds, Concertina Reel, 
Wild Irishman. Lark in the Morning,
Jig of Slurrs, Athol Highlanders, 
Foxhunters, Another jig will do,
Sally Lennons set, Sailing into Walpole Marsh, 
Wheels of World, Julia Delaney,
Ill buy Boots for Maggie, O Connors, 
Johnny I Do miss you, Tom Busby's, 
James Byrne’s, Four Posts of the  Bed,
Simons jig, Liverpool Jig,
Copperplate old/new (reels), 4 Men & Dog jigs,
Tuesday Afternoon, Twelve Pins,
Kesh jig, Behind the Haystack, Jig,  
Blarney Pilgrim, Close to Floor, Girls of Bainbridge,
Jig, Reel, Boil the Breakfast Early,
Margaret’s waltz, Cathleen O Heirs,
Paddy O Rafferty's, Humours of Clonmult, 
Rev Brothers jig, Congress reel,
Reel, Eel in the Sink, Mullingar Races
Maids of Mt Kisko, Paddy goes to Glasgow,
Sweeney’s Buttermilk, Monahan Twig, 
Boil the Breakfast Early, Jenny’s wedding, 
Toss the Feathers, Dobermans wallet set of 2 jigs, 
Mick Maloney set of 3 jigs inc Blast of wind.