The FD Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band ref: 4448

The FD Barn Dance / Ceilidh Band

Based on an English Barn Dance Band, they can also include American, Scottish, French and Irish if desired, the FD Band are a ceilidh band who play traditional English folk music, with some Irish, Scottish, French and American influences. Between them they play an impressive range of instruments including, fiddle, Hurdy gurdy, recorder, flute, piccolo, melodeon, concertina, cello & electric piano.

The band play for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, fundraisers, office and club parties, public ceilidhs - any excuse to have a good time, in fact.

The FD Band will provide one of their regular callers who will pick tunes that have the right sort of lively bounce to get you up and dancing, and choose the right music and speed to suit each dance perfectly.

The band play mostly traditional English tunes that have evolved over the years to be perfect for this type of dancing.


Birthday PartyThank you so much for helping to make our party last night so much fun and so many people said what a refreshing change from a disco where you can't hold a conversation with anybody.