The JH Jump Jive band ref: 5588

The JH Jump Jive band

If it's a party you want, then this could be the band for you. They present a humorous, high energy set featuring the music of Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway and Louis Prima that was all the rage in the 1940's and early 1950's.

The six piece band faithfully recreate a whole host of classic jump jive hits that had people rocking and rolling in the aisles years before Rock and Roll had been invented and the evenings is guarenteed to go with a swing.

Line-up is guitar, bass guitar,drums, saxophone, keyboards and vocals.

The band have recently updated their reperoire list so that, although still from the same era, it it now focuses mainly on songs from female artists such as Etta James and Billie Holliday.
They also include a few of the popular, early R'n'R tunes - See you later Alligator, Reet Petite, Great Balls of Fire - good sing-a-long stuff.


Charity eventThere was some great food laid on, followed by a fantastic performance by the band.
Neil BellWell, Sunday was really something special! The band literally took the roof off the Pub. They were awesome and it was probably one of the best gigs we have had at the Pub. I have never seen so many crazy shirts