The Licketysplit American Barn Dance Band ref: 4814.1

The Licketysplit American Barn Dance Band

Yeehhaaa! An all American Barn Dance Band, this li’l old band is gonna give yer a grrreat time. Yessir. But American barn dance music is so much more than that. What is America made from – it’s Irish, French, African, Scottish, Eastern European, English, Italian, Jewish and on and on. So their traditional folk music is a wonderful and complex mixture of the lot. You’re bound to have fun with such mixed up music, and don’t get our bass player doing his American impression, he spends too much time out there on holidays. The band have been playing for events of all kinds for many years, from village halls to stately homes [now that’s something the Americans don’t have].

The 4 piece line up for this band is drawn from the larger band which includes 2 fiddle, accordion, piano/ flute /piccolo, guitar, bass, percussion with one of the musicians calling.

NOTE: A 3 piece Barn Dance Band, including caller option is also available.
There is also a 3 Piece Bar Room Band, playing instrumental music to listen to (no caller), for weddings, parties, corporate entertainment etc


WeddingJust wanted to say a big thank you for the music you provided at our wedding at Corse Lawn on 13th July! You were fantastic! Apologies if you didn't receive food, our caterers were told to, but must have forgotten. But I trust you had drinks! Thank you for setting up on the side of the teepee, it was perfect and less hot for you guys! If that was possible on such a hot day!!! We had lots of compliments about the music and I loved your cowboy hats too!