The MW Ceilidh Band ref: 6199.2

The MW Ceilidh Band

MW ceilidh band is a collaboration of accomplished folk musicians who have wide ranging experience. The band play a wide variety of tunes. They particularly enjoy playing music from North America and Québec but also play many traditional English, Scottish and Irish tunes. Although the emphasis is on folk dance tunes, they also include some listening tune sets between dances.

The MW band are available for any private function that wants a ceilidh (aka barn dance, hoe down, folk dance) including weddings and birthday parties. The band provide a caller for dances and also bring thier own high-quality Bose amplification. They are covered by public liability insurance and their equipment is PAT tested. You don’t need to have any previous experience of folk dancing, because the caller will explain and walk through all the dances and keep calling the moves during dancing. The main aim is to have fun!

The sound file includes snippets of several dances.


PartyWow, what a party! Thank you so much for giving us a fantastic ceilidh which absolutely everyone enjoyed (as you could probably tell!). Chas as a fellow musician particularly relished the way you all just enjoyed playing together, whether for the reels etc or just as incidental music before anyone even arrived! And your calling was exactly right, gentle but clear. I know it’s only just February but it has already been called the party of the year and that’s how it felt. Thank you all for making it possible.
WeddingIn the evening, we had a brilliant local ceilidh band. They are a wonderful bunch of chaps and the caller Steve is really great at explaining the dances to the first time ceilidh dancers.