The LG Trio ref: 2510

The LG Trio

This unusual Trio wearing period costume, comprises of a singer Allegra supported by Miss Hilaria Brent on cello, and Signora Storace playing harpsichord.

Their presentation is simple. 18th century theatre songs- songs that would have been sung in the Pleasure Gardens of Ranelagh and Vauxhall, as well as Covent Garden, the hit songs of the day, with all the wit that went with them. Jokes and double entendres, veiled references to nymphs and swains, patriotic songs that drink the health of Britain and roast beef, and more, alongside sentimental love songs and sailor songs for tars.

A bit of congenial audience flirtation works particularly well in a cabaret format, although a theatre set up also works. Some 21st century props are thrown in, but it's backed up by good solid music and a sense of humour.

Some songs are actually by some well known people like Dr Boyce, Dr Arne, Dr Haydn, and some guys you've never heard of who obviously knew how to capitalise on the love of theatre and entertainment.