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Piano  - Richard in South Wales
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£140 - £350
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Richard is a very experienced musician - he is a church organist,
classical and jazz pianist and even plays bass in our own ceilidh band!. A Classical Pianist will add a touch of class to your event in South Wales.

He plays piano for us often - his last engagement was at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire. Richard has played in many other venues in the area including Studley Castle, Ardencote Manor, Pitville Pump Rooms - just to name a few.

Piano - Elly ref.2041.4 in South Wales
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£150 - £370
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Elly is one half of the SB Duo. As a duo they have a diverse jazz and classical repertoire, which is reflected the solo piano repertoire.

Elly will be happy to provide entertainment for your wedding ceremony, reception, party, or any of those special occasions, either using her own electric piano, or using the venue's piano if they have a good instrument. A Classical Pianist to create a perfect atmosphere for your South Wales wedding or anniversary.

The links to music and repertoire are of the SB Duo, where you can hear the piano playing with flute or saxophone. The repertoire list ... more

Pianist - Jeremy in South Wales
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£140 - £270
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Music always appealed Jeremy as a child and in 1985 aged 11 he began to have piano lessons. During the following years he also taught himself different styles of playing from listening to records until he eventually developed my own style. In 1990 he began to study for a BTEC National Diploma In Performing Arts. During that time he also had singing lessons at the college as an element of the course. He also began writing and recording his own music and songs. Jeremy performed many concerts a ... more

The TP Solo Orchestra in South Wales
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£330 - £520
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This pianist literally has an orchestra at her fingertips, in the shape of her Stagea - a rare Japanese instrument in an organ format with which she produces rich orchestral sounds played with both hands and feet. An ideal Classical Pianist for a wedding or dinner in South Wales. Her programmes range from purely classical through light classics to 'lollipops' and have delighted audiences in the UK and Europe as well as on BBC National and local Radio and Classic FM.

She supports her programme with large screen video showing close-ups of her hands and also a ... more

Pianist  - Kat in South Wales
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£300 - £630
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Kat is a pianist with training at the National Conservatoire in Athens, Greece and further studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Kat is available for private events (parties, weddings, corporate functions and other social occasions), studio and live sessions, vocal accompaniment for exams and recitals and of course, private tuition. A Classical Pianist will add a touch of class to your event in South Wales. She has experience with a vast range of genres and styles and can tailor her performances to suit your specific needs.

Pianist - Roger in South Wales
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£140 - £470
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Do you enjoy the music of the sixties and seventies, mixed with a bit of rock and roll, and the classic party singalongs? If you do, why don't you let Roger provide the music for your event, including requests, and he'll get party started!. A Classical Pianist to create a perfect atmosphere for your South Wales wedding or anniversary.

For all your cocktail and dining music played on the grand piano, including movie themes and show tunes, popular classics from all the decades, using original arrangements, relax with the sounds and versatility of Roger - a professional pianist and vocali ... more

Pianist - Paul in South Wales
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£170 - £350
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Paul is a pianist based in the Northwest, who provides background music for weddings, Civil Ceremonies corporate events and private parties. South Wales is within this Classical Pianist’s local performance area. Paul is always happy to discuss any special song requests you may have. For weddings you may choose from a range of packages that will provide you with music for any combination of either the Ceremony , Drinks Reception or Wedding Breakfast. For parties and corporate events he is happy to tailor his playing time to suit your budget. He also has ... more

More about Classical Pianists

The Classical Pianist lists musicians who are available to perform in South Wales. They are particularly appropriate for the wedding breakfasts, dinners and evening entertainment. To find out more about them, read on:

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About South Wales

South Wales (Welsh: De Cymru) is an area of Wales bordered by England and the Bristol Channel to the east and south, and Mid Wales and West Wales to the north and west. The exact extent of South Wales is loosely defined, but it is generally considered to be the area surrounding the M4 motorway, including the counties of Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire and sometimes extending westwards to include south Carmarthenshire and south Pembrokeshire.

In the western extent local people would probably recognise that they lived in both South Wales and in West Wales - there is considerable overlap in these somewhat artificial boundaries. The northern border is particularly ill-defined, but the A40 may be a good approximation whilst others would use the more southerly Heads of the Valleys Road as the clearly identifiable boundary. About 1.9 million people live in South Wales.

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