Five ways to save money when booking a band - a financial plan - part 3

Does the band include a DJ type interlude between sets?

Most function, ceilidh, barn dance and jazz bands will play recorded music between sets while they are taking a break, usually using an iPod or similar, but some will also do a DJ performance as well. Classical music groups, such as harpists or string quartets do not, or can not because they don't use amplification so have no PA system to play music through.

Whilst most ceilidh bands, barn dance bands and jazz bands will play music  of their own choice from their player, or from your own Ipod or CD, most will not do a full disco. Some bands of this kind will do a disco set after they have finished their live set (at extra cost, but not between sets as disco music isn't really a suitable interlude. Instead they will play their own recordings of similar genre music. However, party or function bands are different. Many will play disco style music between sets, some even with live DJ. But then that it the style of music they are performing anyway. Usually this is included in the price of the pop or covers band, but check as this is not always the case.

The above is normally a much lower cost option than hiring a DJ, who has to bring another set of PA equipment along and set it up. This can also be a boon at a small venue, where cramming in a DJ in addition to your main live band act, can make it cramped for guests and performers. Also, mobile discos tend to be very expensive for what they actually do!

4. Reduce your wedding band's waiting time

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