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About String Quartets

The String Quartet pages list ensembles that are available to perform in your area. String quartets are a versatile and much-loved group for Weddings and other events. They tend to have wide ranging repertoires from 17th and 18th century Baroque music to classical and romantic music as well as pieces from the shows and jazz. A recent trend is for string quartets to offer instrumental arrangements of pop covers and theme tunes. A string quartet can cover the wedding ceremony with entrance music and background music for the signing of the register, as well as the drinks reception or wedding breakfast. To find out more about them, read on:

A string quartet is probably the optimum ensemble, not only for classical music but for wedding music in general. They can perform all the popular wedding songs including the full original version of the ever popular Pachelbel’s Canon. This piece was originally written for four instruments, but arrangements for string duos or trios are also a popular choice if space or budget is a consideration.  

A String quartet comprises two violinists, a viola player and a cellist. If a slightly different sound is required then there are a couple of quartets which also include a flautist or other wind instruments, either instead of or as well as one of the violinists.

While the vast range of widely available music is a good reason to book a string quartet for your wedding day, they are also a perfect choice for drinks parties, background music for dinner events or to provide an ambient atmosphere for opening days or product launches. 

String quartets tend to play acoustically. This means that they do not use any amplification and do not need access to a power supply. Although quieter than an amplified group, they have a full sound which can be heard over the chatter of a drinks reception, and the fact that they do not need power means the range of places that they can play is endless!

There are some electric string quartets. They tend to play contemporary or pop music, and use an amplifier. This means that they may be suitable if you like modern music or need a group at higher volume than a standard quartet.

If you are considering string quartet hire, then you will want to be sure that it is going to be right for you, whether it is for a civil wedding ceremony, to play church wedding songs, for the wedding reception , or for a wedding anniversary or garden party.  

Where they are particularly good is if you want to create a ‘civilised’ atmosphere, have a wide range of musical styles, and have enough volume to compete with a moderate level of background chatter or play in an outdoor situation.

You do need to be aware that they will play unamplified, so if you have a lot of guests shouting at each other, are in a large and noisy marquee (marquees absorb sound) or in a large garden where there are no hard building walls to reflect the sound, then you are likely not to hear them properly.

A String Quartet has an extensive repertoire

All string quartets will have an extensive wedding playlist that extends from Baroque, through Classical and Romantic to light or easy listening music such from shows, films together with light jazz. Some quartets play arrangements of pop classics. This makes the ensemble ideal for a Wedding, but people often book a string quartet for their anniversary dinner, corporate entertainment or military banquet. Even birthday lunches and evenings can work well.

A String Quartet for a reception or banquet

A purely acoustic group can adjust the sound level so that guests can talk and socialise comfortably, whilst enjoying the music as background. Sometimes guests sit and listen like an informal concert. Using purely acoustic instruments means the string quartet can set up or move locations quickly, (provided that the venue has place four chairs at each location the quartet are to play in). There are no amplifiers, microphones or loud speakers to set up and move. So a string quartet can play in one location for the drinks, then move to another location to play during the meal

 A String Quartet in your area for a Wedding

Being such a versatile ensembles, a string quartet is a perfect option for your wedding ceremony in your area. Usually the string quartet play for a quarter to half an hour before the ceremony, as guests arrived. This sets a wonderful atmosphere. They play for the Bride’s entrance, during the signing of the register and as the couple make their exit. If they are playing for a church ceremony, they would sometimes play for the hymns, though usually the church organ would do this. You would discuss and agree the precise pieces of music with the leader of the string quartet. If it is a civil ceremony, then the music must not have any religious connections, but is something that the Registrar presiding in your area would discuss with you. So whether they are playing on of the classic wedding songs for the music to walk down the aisle to, or light music for the wedding reception, a string quartet will sound fantastic.

Positioning the String Quartet

Where you decide to position the string quartet is important. When playing for a meal or wedding breakfast, the quartet should be as central as practical to all the diners, so that they are as equidistant as possible from the ensemble. This means that everyone can hear the music at a comfortable level. Locating the ensemble in a corner close to some wedding guests, and a long way from others means that if the string quartet play at a volume that is comfortable for those nearest them, those a long way off won’t hear them properly. For a your area wedding ceremony, the quartet can be positioned at the back of the ceremony room or church, so that the music can be heard without distracting from the guests view of the bride and groom. Alternatively, the string quartet can be at the front of the room or church, so that they provide an attractive visual feature to the wedding ceremony, particularly as guests arrive early for the wedding.

How much space does a String Quartet need?

A string quartet doesn’t take up much floor space as it doesn’t need mixing desks and loud speakers that most bands need. This is important if the string quartet has to play in a confined area, such as a Wedding in a small church, small reception room, or even a private house.


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